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These pieces are original creations designed in Satellite Parisian workshop and freed from the dictates of fashion. They are timeless, unique, like the women who inspire them. They borrow from high fashion the taste for valuable skills like embroidery, weaving or setting, with the same attention to detail that takes its time.

Satellite Paris uses materials like gemstones, pearls, silk, feathers… They are entirely handcrafted by skilled artisans, each piece is unique.  Each creation also tells a story of a place, or a marvelous trip.


The Story

She is an ethnologist. He is a photographer… They’re young and together they set off to travel the world. America, Asia, Southern Europe: Together they share the same taste and the love of discovering new things, new people.

Throughout their travels, Sandrine collects ancient jewellery, noble materials, fine stones, objects of curiosity and indeed all manner of things that bring her close to the family tradition. Her father is a collector of primitive art and her mother a jewellery designer. On returning home from her memorable travels she can’t wait to start creating herself and of course Ouaki will be there to encourage her. First pieces, first orders. In 1986 the young couple give birth to Satellite.

Love brings love. Elle magazine is literally bowled over by the charm of the first collection for spring-summer. In January the jewellery makes the front cover of the “Special Fashion” issue of the magazine. It’s the beginning of an adventure.