Derma Roller at home: one of the best options for lines around the lips!

My Derma roller:…

Derma Roller Special until supplies last:…

Protocol for home use: derma roll once a month, you can add another time for lips and around the lips. Give your skin the chance to get use to this ” skin workout” 🙂

Why I like Derma Rolling:

Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, specially around lips. Helps to plump lips by increasing our own collagen production. Helps to reduce the appearance of pore size. Helps reduce the appearance of acne scars. Helps give the face a more lifted and firmer appearance.

Research shows doctors performed biopsies on patients’ skin after eight weeks of dermarolling and found a “dramatic formation of new collagen.” Studies from 2008 and 2010 corroborated those findings and suggested favorable results for acne scars.

Please, dont’ use pressure when derma rolling, LESS IS MORE, trust me 🙂

Before Derma Rolling: spray your derma roller with alcohol clean skin very well before derma rolling


eczema, psoriasis,  rosacea with active acne, keloids scars, open sores, herpes around mouth, fillers/botox (no right before or after), laser, IPL / fraxel / RF / Ultherapy (not right before or after), accutane, chemical peels

what not to do:

no home microcurrent right before or right after. This is a treatment to do by itself. wait to use retin-a after derma rolling your skin, until your skin goes back to normal (redness and “sunburn sensation” subsides, usually 1 to 2 days.)

I personally don’t like retinoids, or glycolic acid, or any alpha hydroxiacid, or salicylic acid do not apply oily serums, heavy moisturizers or heavy oils on the skin right after dermaroling.

do not apply make up after derma rolling

What I like to use after derma rolling:

hyaluronic acid with amino acids:…

Pathology Hydrating mask:…

collagen serums serum with growth factors (Coming up!)

certain peptides

serums with stem cells from plant:…

you can use vitamin c, but don’t use it the first time you derma roll. Use a Vit C that doesn’t irritate your skin or cause bumps when you don’t dermaroll.

1 or 2 hours later you could apply a light calming moisturizer

How to clean derma roller: Rinse well with hot water and then spray with rubbing alcohol Be careful with needles, they can bend really easily. If you take care of your dermaroller, it will last you up to one year

See Grace Dermarolling 🙂