Removing hair with wax is extremely effective, leaving behind velvety smooth skin. The results can last about two to six weeks. Waxing also makes the hair growth thinner. At True Grace we use only the highest quality wax.

Note: We are not able to perform waxing services on anyone using Accutane (currently or in the past three months), Retin-A or Alphahydroxy Acids (currently or in the past month), with sunburned skin, or anyone having undergone chemotherapy (currently or in the past three months), or recovering from a recent laser peel or chemical peel.

Service Price
Eyebrow design $35 and up
Lip $15
Chin $15
Lip & chin $25
Lower leg $40
Full leg $80
Full leg & Bikini $115
Bikini $35 and up
Brazilian Bikini $65
Forearm $30
Full arm $60
Under arm $20
Full face (no brows) $50
Side of the face $15